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Frequently Asked Questions

Overwhelmed? Don't be! Take a look at a few of our customer's most frequently asked questions. Still confused? Send us a chat and we would be happy to help!

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Recipe / Cookie Information

What kind of cookies do you make? - As of right now, we offer our Classic Vanilla Sugar Cookie Flavor, Chocolate Brownie Cookie flavor, and a Snickerdoodle flavor year round for custom orders. 

How big are your cookies? - My standard is about 4" in size and rolled slightly thinner than 5/16" for a thickness. So not too thick and not too thin! We also offer miniature sized cookies (2" in size) for special occasions and at special requests. 

How long do your cookies remain fresh for? - I individually bag and heat seal each cookie, ensuring that the cookie's remain fresh for over a week! Our customers have told me that the cookies begin to loose their freshness after 2 weeks, but I guess you'll have to test it out yourself!

Can the cookies be frozen if I do not eat them all? - Yes! You can toss your cookies (wrapped) right into the freezer for however long you'd like. Once you're ready to eat your cookie, take it our of the freezer to let thaw in package for about an hour before enjoying. 

What is in your frosting? Will the cookies go bad if they are left out on the counter? - Our frosting recipe uses a meringue powder base instead of egg whites, allowing the cookies to have no need to be refrigerated! The cookies taste best left out on the counter and away from direct sunlight (if out in the heat during the summer time).

Are your cookies nut-free? - Yes, all of our cookies have a nut-free recipe. Although there are no nuts in the cookies, I do work in a kitchen that has nuts. I am a very clean person while baking and handling cookies, but I am obligated to say that my kitchen has peanuts in our pantry, set far away from the cookies.

Do you offer any Dairy-Free or Gluten-Free cookies?  - At this time I do not offer Gluten-Free or Dairy-Free cookies :(

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How much do your cookies cost? - Cookies start at $50.00 a Dozen and include each cookie coming individually wrapped, heat sealed, and encased in a beautiful white box. Every cookie is baked from scratch, including both the dough and frosting. Many hours of labor and love go into making every order, which is why custom cookie prices everywhere are not cheap! Just One Dozen Cookies start to finish can take up to 8 hours! I pour my heart and soul into every cookie I make, and hope that you enjoy every Sweets by Sandy you nibble on!

Are there any additional cookie features that cost extra?  - There are! A few of the materials I use to make the cookies look beautiful are very costly. Any (edible) Gold or Silver detail will be an additional cost. This cost could vary from $5.00 to $20.00, depending on the amount of (edible) Gold or Silver you'd like featured in your order. I also have a variety of different packaging material, such as bow ties to tie cookie bags, that can be added at an additional cost.

Do you have a minimum amount of cookies needed to place an order? Can I order a specific amount of cookies? - I require a minimum order of 2 dozen cookies. Once you reach the 2 Dozen minimum requirement, you are able to order up by either the Half Dozen or Full Dozen. 

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How To Order

Placing an order - Placing an order is easy! Simply locate the "Order Cookies" Button and click on the "Order" Tab. The first thing I like to ask is information about the cookies. What are the cookies for? (i.e. Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower act). Providing me with as MUCH detail and explanation as to what you'd like for cookies will give be a good idea of what you'd like for our custom order. Attaching a link to a cookie set you'd like for me to replicate is the BEST way for me to know what you'd like for me to create! While submitting your order, be sure to enter in all the information about your pick up date, themes, and any custom names you'd like added to your cookies. Please be sure to reach the 1 Dozen minimum requirement before placing an order. 

What happens after I submit an order? - After you place your order, a notification will be sent to me, letting me know of your request. If we have availability for the week you are requesting an order, you will receive an order confirmation, and we will begin the process of brainstorming your custom cookie order! Every cookie order is truly custom, so I like to ask as many questions and chat back and fourth until we come up with the perfect design for your cookies. If we are fully booked during the time of which you are requesting cookies, we will message you back letting you know that we are unable to make your order due to being fully booked. To find our availability, click the button below to be taken to our Availability calendar. We update our availability to our Facebook Page most often.

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Pick Up / Delivery Information

How do I pick up my cookies? - Sweets by Sandy is a home based business located out of Bedford, New Hampshire. Once you place an order, pick up instructions will be sent to you and an address with be provided to then discuss a good day/time that works well for you to come and pick up your order!
Do you deliver your cookies? - I am willing to deliver orders for a small fee to the surrounding towns of Bedford, NH. The fee for delivery will depend on your location, but the fee could range from $5.00 to $20.00.
What if I live in Massachusetts, Maine or Rhode Island? - Even though you are a little farther away from my cookies, I am happy to meet halfway for a delivery fee. Anything I can do to help get you your custom cookies! :)
Do you ship your cookies? - At this time I do not ship out my cookies. I have had customers of whom I have made cookies for, and they had shipped them out themselves. So even though I will not do it, I have had customer who have! :)

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