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Ingredients for baking  - flour, wooden

                                 My Story

My name is Sarah Andrikowich and I am the owner, baker, decorator, packager, delivery driver.... you name it! I am the one women show behind Sweets by Sandy, currently located out of Bedford, New Hampshire. The first time I picked up a cookie decorating bag was in November of 2018, and I sold basic Thanksgiving themed cookies for anyone who was willing to take a chance on a 24 year old making some frosted acorn cookies. Little did I know that my cookie journey would blossom into something I would have never imagined... a full time dream! As of August 2019, Sweets by Sandy is a full time operation creating tasty and beautiful custom sugar cookies for any occasion.

With a background in Business/Human Resources and experience in various food industries, I strive to give the best customer service and experience to all of my customers. I am a self taught baker/decorator, and I love to get creative with every order that I work on. I pour my heart and soul into every cookie that I make, trying to have every order be truly customized to the customer and their cookie wishes. I hope everyone who has my cookies will enjoy not only the appearance of their custom cookie, but also the taste!

Now I know what you are thinking.... Why do you have Sweets by SANDY and not your real name? So, sadly when I went to pick my business name, Sweets by Sarah and many other domain names with "Sarah" in it were taken or unavailable. "Sandy" was my nickname in college because we had a few too many other 'Sarah's'... so Sweets by Sandy it was! I go by both names, so feel free to refer to me as Sandy or Sarah :)

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